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Celebrating & encouraging diversity

in non-fiction filmmaking.

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The One Stop Doc Shop aims to encourage and support an inclusive array of novice women & non binary filmmakers into the documentary film world.  


The process of developing, producing or directing your first film can be overwhelming, especially if you’re based outside the M25 and don’t have any connections in the industry. Myriad courses are available but often they can be costly and aren’t always inclusive. 


This online platform will provide a free, comprehensive overview of the documentary filmmaking process from start to finish. It will include podcast interviews with high-profile directors, live Q & A sessions with established industry producers, film funders and festival experts, and a series of blogs that will guide you through the creative process from finding your story to the business of getting it seen.


One Stop Doc Shop is a Wheesht Films Production, made possible with the support of the Screen Alliance Wales, Ffilm Cymru Wales and BFI Network with funding from the National Lottery.  


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The series is available to download on all major podcast platforms.

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1. Jeanie Finlay

Episode 1 features artist and documentary filmmaker Jeanie Finlay. With an eclectic body of work under her belt, Jeanie’s portfolio includes the Emmy nominated feature Games of Thrones: The Last Watch, Bifa winning feature - Orion: The Man Who Would Be King, Bifa nominated feature Seahorse, and Bifa and Grierson nominated feature The Great Hip Hop Hoax.


In addition, Jeanie has also filmed behind the closed bedroom doors of teenagers in Teenland for the BBC, as well as directing feature docs on the last surviving record shop in Teeside and the lowest budget pantomime in Nottingham for BBC Storyville. And last but not least, she also filmed Goths on a cruise ship!   


Driven by a passion to tell small stories quietly, Jeanie is interested in shy people and uses her camera as a loudhailer. 

If you want to watch Jeanie's award winning films, or read more about her work, click here.

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2. Waad Al-Kateab

This episode, our featured guest is multi-award winning Syrian activist and filmmaker Waad Al- Kateab. Her first feature length documentary, For Sama, filmed over five years captured her life in Aleppo under the Assad regime. 


Released in 2019, the film received a 6 minute standing ovation and picked up the best documentary award at the Cannes Film Festival. In 2020 it was shortlisted for an Oscar, and made BAFTA history by racking up 4 nominations and  scooping up Best Documentary Film Award. 


Waad has also received personal multiple recognitions for her work as an activist and filmmaker, including the IDA Courage Under Fire Award. 


If you want to watch Waad's award winning film, or get involved with Action for Sama click here.

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3. Lindsey Dryden

This episode, our featured guest is the multi-award winning producer and director Lindsey Dryden. Her producer credits include the feature documentary Unrest, winner of the Sundance Special Jury Award, which was also shortlisted for an Oscar nomination - and the Emmy award winning series - Trans in America


In addition, Lindsey has also gathered a host of directing accolades for her feature documentary Lost and Sound, as well as her portfolio of short form films.  A proud founding member of the Queer Producers Collective and Forward Doc,  Lindsey is interested in telling stories that explore unconventional experiences of the body. 


If you want to watch Lindsey's award winning films, or read more about her work, click here.

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4. Jayisha Patel

This episode, our featured guest is Jayisha Patel, an award winning filmmaker who works at the intersection of cinematic film and VR. In 2020, Jayisha was hailed by Screen Daily as one of the Stars of Tomorrow and her films have premiered at Sundance, the New York Film Festival and the Toronto International Film festival. 


Her first short film, A Paradise, was nominated for 37 international awards. Her film Circle was nominated for a student Bafta, and her first VR experience Notes to My Father, won the UN Women’s Global Voice Award for Best 360 film. 


Jayisha seeks to give a platform in particular to women of colour who are fighting stereotypes, in bold and unconventional ways.  


If you want to watch Jayisha's award winning films, or read more about her work, click here.

5. Simisola Akande

This episode, our featured guest is Simisola Akande, an award winning filmmaker that has to date created intimate and personal films that reflect her unique worldview. 


Her breakthrough short Ojumo Ti Mo won the BFI’s Who We Are film competition in 2020. It also picked up Best Documentary and Film of the Year awards at the Watersprite Film Festival whilst her first short, Du Du, took home Best Experimental Film at the BFI Future Film Festival. 


If you want to watch Simisola's award winning films, or read more about her work, click here.

6. Victoria Mapplebeck


This episode, our featured guest is multiplatform artist, and BAFTA winning producer and director Professor Victoria Mapplebeck. 


For the last two decades, Victoria has experimented with the frontiers of documentary and creative technology, focusing on telling stories in small intimate spaces. 


Her first smartphone short 160 Characters won Best Documentary at the 2017 Short of the Week Film Awards. Her follow up doc Missed Call, filmed on an IPhone X, picked up a Bafta and a Broadcast Digital Award. 


In 2019, The Waiting Room - a VR project that captured her experience of breast cancer from diagnosis to recovery won the IDFA DocLab Award for Digital Storytelling. 

If you want to watch Victoria's award winning films, or read more about her work, click here.

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In Conversation With...

In Conversation With...

If you missed our series of Eventbrite Live Sessions, then catch up with each episode below -

1. Rachel Wexler

Rachel Wexler headshot.png

This episode, our featured guest is multi-award winning producer Rachel Wexler. With over 25 years experience in film and television, her feature documentaries have broadcast around the world and scooped up dozens of awards and nominations include an Emmy, two Peabody’s, as well as a Grierson, BIFA, Cinema Eye and International Documentary Award, to name just a few.

In 2004 Rachel and her partner Jez formed Bungalow Town Productions and the company quickly gained a strong track record in making highly individual documentaries with some of the best directing talent around.

We talk about what qualities she looks for in a director, what makes a project desirable and what attributes you need to have to be a successful producer.

Rachel also discusses the highs and lows of secure funding, how to cope with rejection but most importantly recognising and celebrating the joy in the filmmaking process.


If you want to watch Rachel’s award winning work, click here.

2. Andee Ryder

Dee Headshot.png

This episode, our featured guest is multi-award winning producer Andee Ryder. Co-founder of Misfits Entertainment, Andee’s feature documentaries have garnered numerous accolades, and have showcased at festivals around the world. 


Misfit’s first feature documentary McQueen, sensitively explored the rags to riches story of the British fashion industry's most tortured genius Alexander McQueen. In 2019, it picked up two BAFTA film nominations for Best Documentary and Best British Film.   


Their next feature documentary Rising Phoenix, explored the history of the Paralympic games, and scooped up two Emmy awards for Best Sports Documentary and Best Music Direction.  


We talk about what it takes to make successful archive documentaries, the pressures involved in delivering fast turnaround projects as well as the trials and tribulations of producing during a pandemic. 


Andee also discusses what qualities she looks for in talent when pairing up on projects, as well as the importance of learning from your mistakes. 


If you want to watch Andee’s award winning work, click here.

3. Melanie Iredale

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This episode, our featured guest is Melanie Iredale, Deputy Director at Sheffield Doc Fest, one of the UK’s premier documentary film festivals. As part of her remit, Melanie sits on the Doc Fest Programming Team, as well as co-curating the Rhyme & Rhythm strand.


Originally from East Yorkshire, Melanie's background is as a Film Curator and Festival Programmer. From 2009-2014, she was Director of Berwick Film & Media Arts Festival, where she commissioned new, award-wining moving image work that toured festivals and galleries around the world. She is also a BIFA voter for the Documentary Award and regularly participates in international film juries. 


We talk about what Melanie looks for when selecting films for the festival programme as well as what it takes to get your projects selected for the festivals legendary Meet Market’s one to one pitching sessions. 


And last but not least, we discuss what makes a great pitching deck.


If you want to check out Sheffield Docfest, please click here.

4. Kimberley Warner, Allison Dowzell & Jude Lister

This episode we have not one but three podcast guests joining us to discuss their experiences in the documentary film industry. Kimberley Warner, Head of Production at Ffilm Cymru leads on strategy for talent development in Wales. 

Jude Lister, Manager for BFI Network Wales, supports filmmakers at the start of their careers, as well as managing an array of talent initiatives.  And Allison Dowzell Managing Director at Screen Alliance Wales helps grow and support talent and crew in both the film and television industry. 


Collectively, they talk about the current funding opportunities and support available in Wales for documentary filmmakers.  


If you want to find out more about Kimberley and Jude, and the funding support Ffilm Cymru Wales can offer click here.


And if you want to know more about Allison and the services offered by Screen Alliance Wales then click here.

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